Employment Opportunities

Positions available at Liselo Labs in 2019

Liselo is pleased offer 17 new positions available to suitably qualified and experienced candidates. Research scientist and research technician positions are available to BSc Engineering/BSc(Hons), MTech/MEng/MSc and DTech/PhD graduates in the following disciplines: Molecular biology, Biochemistry, Virology, Agriculture, Animal science, Zoology, Nanotechnology, Chemical engineering, Bioprocess engineering, Computer science/Information technology and Veterinary science.

Current Liselo projects requiring suitable candidates:

Applicants will be expected to participate in one or more of Liselo’s current projects including the following:

  1. In-vivo recombinant expression vector optimization and evaluation in avian species.
  2. Plant based recombinant protein expression evaluation for candidate industrial and therapeutic biologics and comparison with in-vivo expression within Liselo’s QBP platform.
  3. Implementation and optimization of scRNA Drop-seq and NGS based technologies for drug discovery and library generation.
  4. Avian immunoregulatory studies.
  5. Veterinary immunology, adjuvant formulation, clinical trial monitoring and evaluation.
  6. Evaluation of candidate immunotherapies in animal models for various pathogens including:
    1. AHSV, WNV, RABV
  7. Novel rapid POC microfluidics based diagnostics development for veterinary and human biomarkers.
  8. Rt-PCR based clinical diagnostics including optimization of patented HRM serotyping protocols.
  9. Personalized medicine concept development based on scRNA Drop-seq and NGS.
  10. Upstream biopharming optimization and automation in Liselo’s in-vivo platform – QBP.
  11. Pilot-scale upstream biopharming of algal species.
  12. Downstream bioprocess optimization including:
    1. Process automation enhancements.
    2. Novel immunoaffinity resin development.
    3. Fill-formulation optimization for storage and drug delivery enhancements.
    4. Validation of novel Liselo immunoaffinity ligands.
  13. Safe anti-venom production for Southern African snakes and Arachnids.
  14. Mobile app development for diagnostics and laboratory management systems.
  15. Protocol development for point-of-care differential screening of a variety of veterinary and emerging zoonotic diseases.
  16. Agro-process engineering optimization for a variety of crops and natural products.
  17. Optimization and customization of Liselo’s “One Health” app Mipha.
  18. Introduction of Quinoa to Lesotho through the establishment of a meristem laboratory in Mokhotlong, to propagate varieties imported from US seedbanks.
  19. Global consulting program on Ostrich farming methods, and Ostrich nutrition.

Employment package summary:

  • Successful applicants will be based at Liselo’s laboratory and research facilities and/or its academic collaborator institutions located in:
    • Hilton, KwaZulu Natal (Head-office). Cape Town, Western Cape.  Pretoria, Gauteng
    • Mokhotlong, Lesotho
    • Luanda, Angola
    • Boston, MA, USA
  • 17 starting packages are currently on offer ranging from R150k graduate stipends to R450k for research staff. Package offers will depend on research alignment with Liselo’s core objectives and experience.
  • The Liselo team will help candidates showing potential to grow entrepreneurial opportunities that could lead to the establishment of new start-up companies.
  • Ongoing MSc and PhD study opportunities are available in co-supervision with leading South African research organizations.
  • Access to academic research facilities at UCT, UKZN, the CSIR and Harvard University.
  • Extensive networking opportunities amongst academic and industry collaborations across the globe.

Submit CV’s and a motivation letter to HR@liselo.com.  Interviews will be conducted during November and December 2018.