COVID-19 PCR Testing – Lesotho

We provide QR coded  and validated COVID-19 PCR certificates within 48 hours of sample collection.  These are accredited for travel into South Africa.

How does it work?:

  1.  Bring your passport/ID, face mask, and M700 to our closest sample collection site during the specified times of operation.
  2. Your information will be captured into our Mipha software.
  3. A sample will be taken from your nose, and placed into a safe sample tube for transport to our lab. 
  4. 48 Hours later, your QR coded secure certificate will be ready for collection (or email)
  5. Beware of others offering counterfeit certificates, the border officials are aware how to validate authentic certificates vs forgeries through our Mipha app.
  6. Certificates issued are valid for travel for 14 days, but must be “activated” within 72 hours, by first crossing the border within this time.

For Information call:
Office in Maseru: +266 22315323

Banking details:  Lesotho FNB: 62874004402

Maseru address for sample collection ( COVID-19 testing): 

Wilies Hospital
Main North 1 Rd, Foso
2233 3600
Google Maps Location

Sample collection/Swabbing service: from 8am-10am on: Mon, Wed, Fri

Mokhotlong Lab Address

Lab address: Let’seng Diamond Mine, Mokhotlong 
Licence No.: PP/HF/09-08

South African Office:

Hilton KZN: +27 10 900 2006


Liselo staff test for COVID-19 via RT-PCR in a new laboratory setup in Lesotho.