Animal Research Ethics

Liselo Labs South Africa formed and registered its Animal Research Ethics Committee (AREC) with NHREC in 2022, whilst Liselo Labs Lesotho formed its own AREC in 2021.

Research Ethics

The Liselo Animal Research Ethics Committee (LAREC) and the Liselo Lesotho Animal Research Ethics Committee (LLAREC) were established by Liselo Labs (Pty) Ltd South Africa and Lesotho respectively to oversee and ensure the ethical use of animals in research conducted by Liselo Labs and select third parties in South Africa and Lesotho.

Liselo Labs is committed to high ethical standards with regards to the care and use of animals and complies with the South African National Standard for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes (SANS 10386:2021) produced by the South African Bureau of Standards, as well as the South African Department of Health’s guidelines for Ethics in Health Research (2015) as minimum standards that must be adhered to in all aspects of animal care and use.


LAREC (South Africa)LLAREC (Lesotho)
Terms of ReferenceTerms of Reference
Applications should be submitted at least 3 weeks before the next meeting date.
Please read carefully and ensure all conditions are met before submitting your application and supporting documents.
Application FormApplication Form
SOP – Instructions for the PISOP – Instructions for the PI
SOP – Use and Care of Animals in ResearchSOP – Use and Care of Animals in Research

For expedited applications or amendments, please enquire with the Institutional Officer at

For any other SOPs, please email your request, along with your reasons to

Complaints and Whistleblowing


All complaints are handled with the utmost discretion and will be investigated with full diligence and impartiality. While you are required to submit your name and contact details, if requested, these details will be kept confidential to the Instututional Officer.

South Africa

Should you wish to lay a complaint against (1) the LAREC, (2) the research sponsor or (3) the research project, kindly use the following complaints form:

FRM-LRC-013 (Complaints Form).docx


Should you wish to lay a complaint against (1) the LLAREC, (2) the research sponsor or (3) the research project, kindly use the following complaints form:

FRM-LLRC-013 (Complaints Form).docx

Whistleblowing / Tip-off

Should you wish to remain totally anonymous and submit a tip-off, kindly complete details on the form below which will be initially investigated by the Insitutional Officer and handed to the apropriate department or authorities should it be required:

    LAREC / LLAREC Meeting Dates

    The LAREC and LLAREC meet approximately every two months. Below is the schedule of recent / future meetings:


    • 18 October 2023
    • 14 December 2023
    • 22 February 2024
    • 25 April 2024


    • 15 December 2023
    • 23 February 2024
    • 26 April 2024