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Was born in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania 19 June 1942. Parents both British subjects. My father was a Specialist surgeon with the British Colonial Service in Tanzania and Kenya. Primary schooling at Nairobi Primary & Secondary schooling at Prince of Wales in Nairobi. Click here to Download Dr Mike Jarvis Curriculum Vitae to know more.

About the books

Author: Dr Michael Jarvis.

Dr Jarvis has had 40 years personal involvement with ostrich farming   and with research into wild ostrich nutrition and genetics.

ISBN number 978-0-9802770-7-4

First published 2015

A very detailed guide to ostriches, the Ostrich Industry and all aspects of ostrich farming.

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Autor: Dr Michael Jarvis

Wildlife Research in Africa book:

Soft cover R280

ISBN number 978-0-9802770-8-1

Published by Fact and Faith Publications
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