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‘Jarvis Ostrich Manual’ and ‘My Wildlife Research in Africa’

Author: Dr Michael Jarvis

ISBN number 978-0-9802770-7-4

First published 2015

A very detailed guide to ostriches, the Ostrich Industry and all aspects of ostrich farming.

Dr Jarvis has had 40 years personal involvement with ostrich farming   and with research into wild ostrich nutrition and genetics


The manual is 271 pages of A4 size, contains 403 colour photographs, 21 tables and 34 figures.  The Manual is obtainable as a soft cover or hard cover edition.  

To order the manual or the wildlife research book contact:

Telephone: +27218641546,

Ostrich Manual Retail cost:

Softcover edition: R665 plus postage

Hardcover edition: R815 plus postage

ISBN number 978-0-9802770-7-4






Wildlife Research in Africa book:

Soft cover R280

ISBN number 978-0-9802770-8-1

Published by Fact and Faith Publications

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